So far the trial has been pretty easy. Mildly tempted by gammon on New Year’s day (but a quick turn to Pig Business was enough to ensure my resolve). Also big family gathering with platters of fish should have been tempting but really was not (helped by a delicious aubergine alternative prepared by my wife).


The most surprising consequence of the trial so far is my desire to cook. It is as if the removal of meat from my diet has opened my eyes to how exciting food (even vegetables!) can be. Have spent a scary amount of time oogling at recipies and have discovered how amazing a resource Pinterest is so have started up my own “pin board” – take a look at VeggieTrial on Pinterest. Also, as part of my personal food revolution I have been introduced to Yotam Ottolenghi’s recipies and have been bowled over by the results so far, particularly his butternut squash, stilton and membrillo (quince paste) quiche.

The only question now is what to cook this weekend…